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FTG XF 460 with Air Con Pod
Manufacturer: DAF
Model: XF
Reg Date: 2016
Vehicle Reg: GN66ZFA
Weight Cat: 44t
Transmission: 12 Speed AS-Tronic
Mileage: 350000 - 560000 kms
FT CF 480
Manufacturer: DAF
Model: CF
Reg Date: 2018
Vehicle Reg: GN68WHG
Engine Type: 12900
Weight Cat: 44t
Mileage: 175000kms
FA LF 180 7.5t 20ft Box Body
Manufacturer: DAF
Model: LF
Reg Date: 2015
Vehicle Reg: GN65NHC
Weight Cat: 7.5t
Transmission: As-Tronic
Body Style: 20ft GRP Box Body
Mileage: 120000miles
FTG CF85 460 with Tipping Hydraulics
Manufacturer: DAF
Model: CF85
Reg Date: 2013
Vehicle Reg: GF63VAY
Engine Type: 12900 Euro5
Weight Cat: 44t
Transmission: As-Tronic
Mileage: 490000kms
FA LF 210 12t Traffic Management Vehicle DAF First Choice
Manufacturer: DAF
Model: LF
Reg Date: 2020
Weight Cat: 12t
Transmission: Manual
Body Style: Specialist
Mileage: 50kms

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