DAF Trucks looks back at strong performance in 2017

07-02-2018, DAF Trucks UK

DAF Trucks saw strong performance around the world in 2017. DAF’s European (EU+2) market share in the heavy segment (16 tons+) stood at 15.3%, and in the light segment it increased to 10.5%. In addition, a record number of over 9,000 DAF vehicles were registered outside Europe, while PACCAR engines sales to leading coach and bus manufacturers also reached a new record.

“The European economies continue to perform well, leading to strong transport activity and truck demand”, said Preston Feight, DAF Trucks president. “DAF trucks deliver premium quality, low operating costs and superior driver comfort for our customers.”

European truck industry sales above 16-tonnes were a robust 306,000 trucks in 2017. It is estimated that European truck industry sales in the above 16-tonne market in 2018 will be another excellent year in the range of 290,000-320,000 trucks.

DAF’s 2017 heavy duty market share was at 15.3% (2016: 15.5%), with market leadership continuing in The Netherlands (30.3%), the UK (28.2%), Poland (19.8%) and Hungary (24.5%).

In The Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Belgium and the Czech Republic, DAF is also the number-one tractor unit brand. DAF is the largest import brand in Germany.


Increased market share in 6-16 tons segment

Total EU market for light trucks (6 – 16 tons) decreased slightly from almost 52,900 units in 2016 to 52,500 last year. DAF market share in this class increased from 10.1 to 10.5%, thanks to growth realized in among others France, The Netherlands, the UK, Italy and the Czech Republic. In the light class, DAF is market leader in both the UK and The Netherlands.

Further growth outside European Union

DAF strengthened its market position outside the European Union, where a record number of over 9,000 trucks were sold (2016: 5,171). Market leadership continued in Taiwan (non-Asian brands), and DAF grew market share in Russia, Australia, Belarus, Israel and Turkey. DAF sold a record 4,500 PACCAR engines to leading bus, coach and vocational vehicle manufacturers around the world.

“DAF will continue to grow”

“Based on the industry leading quality and efficiency of our entire product range, which is backed by first class dealer services, DAF will grow its market presence in Europe and beyond this year”, stated Richard Zink, member of the Board of Management and responsible for Marketing & Sales.

The New CF and New XF for medium- and heavy-duty applications were awarded the prestigious title of ‘International Truck of the Year 2018’ and offer 7% lower fuel consumption. This is now being realised by DAF customers all over Europe. In the UK, the new LF distribution truck was awarded ‘Commercial Fleet Truck of the Year’, illustrating industry-leading product quality in the light segment. In addition, in the UK, DAF Trucks was also awarded the ‘Truck Fleet Manufacturer of the Year.’

DAF Trucks N.V. —a subsidiary of the American company PACCAR Inc., one of the world's largest manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks—is a leading manufacturer of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. DAF manufactures a full range of tractor units and trucks, offering the right vehicle for every transport application. DAF is also a leading provider of services, including MultiSupport repair and maintenance contracts, financial services from PACCAR Financial and a first-class parts delivery service from PACCAR Parts. In addition, DAF develops and manufactures components such as axles and engines for bus and coach manufacturers worldwide. DAF Trucks N.V. has production facilities in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Westerlo in Belgium, Leyland in the United Kingdom and Ponta Grossa in Brazil, and over 1,000 dealers and service points in Europe and beyond.

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